Why QuikTrip Employees Never See a Hospital Bill


Source: D CEO Healthcare
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Author: Will Maddox

Why It’s Important:
QuikTrip has ditched the traditional employer insurance model and is employing multiple innovative solutions to successfully reduce its healthcare expenditures. Here’s how they’re doing it:

  • Quiktrip “processes and pays their own health insurance claims, effectively serving as their own insurance company.”
  • Direct contracts with multiple hospital systems has resulted in discounted rates and services for Quiktrip employees.
  • Handling insurance claims in-house creates new career paths for employees within the company, “essentially adding another industry to the business.”
  • Quiktrip’s partnership with CareATC’s direct primary care physicians means employees pay a monthly subscription for their primary care (incentivizing reduced cost, while maintaining quality, by moving away from the “fee-for-service” model), get unlimited access to their primary care doctor, and have access to medicine distributed onsite at no cost.
  • Employees never see a hospital bill, because Quiktrip pays the hospital directly (resulting in reduced costs, as hospitals don’t have to fight insurance companies and patients to get paid), and then employees pay the reduced bill to Quiktrip (or, for large expenses, can defer portions of future paychecks).
  • Quiktrip also directly engages patients and physicians to ensure proactive care and regular check-ups, as well as have direct access to their own data to identify potential problem areas causing high costs.


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