Stanford Medicine Health Trends Report 2020

Stanford Medicine's Health Trend Report 2020 is a must-read resource describing the "Rise of the Data-Driven Physician."


Source: Stanford University School of Medicine – with a message from the Dean, Lloyd B. Minor, MD.
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This year’s Stanford Medicine Health Trends report’s theme is the “Rise of the Data-Driven Physician.” Through a national survey of 523 physicians and 210 residents and medical students, Stanford gleaned respondent’s expectations and thoughts around how technology will transform the clinical setting, and their clinical role, in the coming decade. The Stanford University School of Medicine’s Dean – Lloyd B. Minor, MD. – boils the essence of the report down into one phrase:

“Physicians expect new technology to transform patient care in the near term, and they [physicians] are actively preparing to integrate health data—and the technologies that harness it — into the clinical setting.”

It’s a fascinating report that is split into four parts.

  • The Transformation of Health Care includes how things like data sharing, the digital health market, and artificial intelligence are impacting the industry.
  • The Rise of the Data-Driven Physician discusses the uptick in medical students and residents adding courses related to data science, population health, coding, and more into their curriculum. Plus, it shares survey results on physician trust in non-traditional data sources like wearables.
  • The Transformation Gap addresses the readiness of doctors and rising doctors to actually implement the coming healthcare technologies.
  • Under Pressure shares the impact of private companies entering the healthcare space, as well as the troubling work-life balance and student debt statistics that doctors deal with.

All in all, it’s a great read with very little fluff. We highly recommend it if you’re interested in the future of healthcare and the roadblocks hindering progress!

Read it here.


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