Texas Doctors Demonstrating How Trump’s Transparency Rule Could Cut Medical Costs

Learn about the exciting potential that transparent pricing has to impact the healthcare industry.

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Source: The Houston Chronicle
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Author: Rick Schultz

This past November (2019) the Trump administration announced an executive order that included a new rule requiring “hospitals to disclose their pricing information in an identical, user-friendly and machine-readable format, so patients can easily compare prices like they do for other goods and services.”

Rick Schultz M.D. was invited by President Trump to speak at the signing of the Executive Order. He’s an orthopedic surgeon out of Texas and the CMO of Texas Medical Management, also called Texas Free Market Surgery, which offers up-front, competitive pricing on a wide array of surgeries. In a recent Houston Chronicle article, Rick shared his unique opinion on the exciting potential for transparent pricing to impact the healthcare industry.

Read Rick’s full opinion in the Houston Chronicle here.


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