Kroger Puts ‘Food as Medicine’ to the Test

Kroger's new pilot is hoping to make "food as medicine" a reality.

vegetables at grocery store

Source: Supermarket News
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Author: Russell Redman

In a new pilot, Kroger grocery stores are testing an idea to make the doctor’s “eat healthier” orders actionable.

The pilot is underway in Cincinnati where a doctor is referring diabetes patient’s to a local Kroger with a “food prescription.” At the Kroger store, the patients sit down with a clinical dietitian who helps them determine how best to act on the doctor’s recommendations. The dietitian conducts a personalized nutrition assessment, teaches the patient how to use Kroger’s free OptUP app (which provides nutrition and health attributes for products), and also takes into account the patient’s lifestyle and budget factors.

If successful, Kroger has plans to rapidly expand the program. They want to help people with all sorts of health backgrounds, and their plans aren’t limited to being an extension of primary care.

Food is just as important in preventing disease as it is in treating it. In the pilot, we’re focusing on those with diabetes, but ‘food is medicine’ can be applied to anyone no matter where they are in their health and wellness journey.

Learn more about Kroger’s pilot here.


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