How to Achieve Peace of Mind in Your Healthcare


Peace of mind…

It’s what we all really want at our core. It’s what we seek. We are keenly aware – and grateful – when we have it. We are also keenly aware when we don’t. We tiptoe around tentatively – apprehensively – waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. And the continual gnawing of discontent is often mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting.

Confidence. Tranquility. Liberation. Freedom. Peace of mind.

That’s what we want when it comes to our healthcare, too. We want healthcare peace of mind for ourselves, our partners, our children, and our aging parents. We want the peace of mind that comes with freedom from worry.

Though it often feels elusive, peace of mind is attainable. In fact, it is within your grasp right now. You can journey toward it, taking one step at a time. You’ll need to make some real choices about your health and health goals along the way. Peace of mind is not possible when you know in your heart of hearts that you’ve left some things on the table. No, rather, it comes from knowing that you have done all that you can (or are willing) to do in pursuit of optimized health.

You’ll also need to be the overseer of your own healthcare landscape. Peace of mind is not possible when you give that power (and responsibility) to someone else. That power shouldn’t belong to your doctor, nor to your insurance company, nor to your pharmacist, nor to your hospital.

The overseer of your healthcare should be you.

Speaking of doctors, you’ll also need to ask yourself some tough questions about your relationship and interactions with your primary care physician. Lack of access, lack of attentiveness, lack of communication, and lack of proactive partnership are not the ingredients of healthcare peace of mind. Feeling virtually invisible to a primary care practice does not breed a sense of calm. It does quite the opposite instead.

Ways and means to assist you on your journey toward optimized health (and peace of mind) abound. There are monitors, trackers, tests, and screens all around you. And many of them are accessible and affordable. Peace of mind is not possible without at least having a little insight into how your health journey is going at any given point in time. Knowledge is power. Power is freedom.

The trickiest step – the steepest climb – for most of us is money. Or, maybe more accurately, the steepest climb is fear. The two are related. Most of us are more fearful of being unable to pay medical bills than we are of being sick. Let that sink in for just a second. Most of us are more fearful of being unable to pay medical bills than we are of being sick. Medical debt is real, no doubt. But it is the fear that drives so many of our decisions. We might over-insure. We so often under-expect. Fear is not peaceful.

Achieving healthcare peace of mind may seem daunting and unreachable to you right now. But fortunately, that’s not the case. Peace of mind is within your grasp. Right now. Just start walking. Take one step at a time.

For an overview and infographic on how you can attain healthcare peace of mind, click here.


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